Get your own Wundergound API key

Sign up is easy. First you'll have to register as a user for Wunderground. The second step is to obtain an API key. Both steps are covered here.

Note: you will have to "purchase" a key, but the cost is $0! Yes, it is free.

1: Go to the Wunderground registration page and enter your personal details

1c: Press 'Become a Member' and confirm your e-mail address

You're now about to receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Simple activate the liink to validate your e-mail address.

OK, so much for part 1. Are you ready for the next part? It is equally difficult....

2a: Go to the 'Get API key page'

2b: Hit the 'Explore My Options' button

2c: Select a Developer license for the 'Anvil Plan' and purchase the key

OK, Wunderground will charge you nothing for this service. Great 'Value for Money'!

2d: Press the 'Purchase Key' button and off you go!

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